Friday, November 21, 2008

The Secret Combination to create Blog Success

Hey, again finally a new post,

One of the tings that people who are not seeing much success with blogs miss most of the time, is Blog Basic Traffic Philosophy, when first I started blogging I thought blog gets all its traffic from RSS, and SE is just an optional thing,
and I was wrong about it.

after taking a look at some very very successes in the world of blogging that has not been around long ago (most of them are 1 year old blogs) I found that they do some basic things that I always underestimated:

1- Always submit Sitemap to google: this will make all your blog posts indexed all the time even if its no longer on your home page

2- Always get PR3 or above links to your blog home page, this is very important for SE rank and fast indexing.

3- Post often and regularly, and don cut posts for long time, to increase indexing rate.

4- Use smart SEO and competition analysis with titles and keywords.

although you will not see results in the first couple of posts but this method will pay off shortly.

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