Friday, November 21, 2008

The Secret Combination to create Blog Success

Hey, again finally a new post,

One of the tings that people who are not seeing much success with blogs miss most of the time, is Blog Basic Traffic Philosophy, when first I started blogging I thought blog gets all its traffic from RSS, and SE is just an optional thing,
and I was wrong about it.

after taking a look at some very very successes in the world of blogging that has not been around long ago (most of them are 1 year old blogs) I found that they do some basic things that I always underestimated:

1- Always submit Sitemap to google: this will make all your blog posts indexed all the time even if its no longer on your home page

2- Always get PR3 or above links to your blog home page, this is very important for SE rank and fast indexing.

3- Post often and regularly, and don cut posts for long time, to increase indexing rate.

4- Use smart SEO and competition analysis with titles and keywords.

although you will not see results in the first couple of posts but this method will pay off shortly.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A Blog Can Be an Effective Tool For Promoting Online

With growing appeal blogs appear to be challenging conventional websites as the most effective tool for promoting online. No matter if it's an idea, product, or service, there's no doubt blogging is gaining a wider acceptance as the platform of choice for communicating to the 'internet audience.'

Could it be possible that blogs will eventually replace the 'conventional' website as the primary internet platform for such communicative and/or promotional purposes? Possibly, but websites still have their place online.

An online survey would reveal that many websites and blogs are 'linked' to one another for referencing purposes. This seems more like a consolidation of effort than a battle of superiority.

So why and how do these two different types of sites work together?

Blogs interact with the visitors. By leaving comments in the form of opinions or suggestions readers feel they have more of a say in what they are exposed to at a blog. Bloggers therefore have a greater insight into what their visitors want or need.

The presentation of solutions for theses wants or needs in the form of products or services can be displayed at a website where visitors expect to be exposed to the 'rigors' of marketing. It is their option to visit these sites.

Combining the mutually exclusive characteristics of websites and blogs can enhance the overall marketing process.

Let's review some of the points that have spurred the appeal for blogging and seemingly made it the 'perfect compliment' to the more conventional website.

Blogging Pros

  • Blogs are more dynamic than websites since they are usually updated much more frequently than websites. Maintaining fresh content as a result leads to stronger search engine rankings.
  • Due to the interactivity between reader and site owner blogs offer the chance to build a relationship with visiting readers.
  • Blog visitors do not feel the sales pressure at a blog like they would at a website thereby increasing the probability of them returning.
  • Blogs are less complicated to operate and maintain as compared to websites.
  • Software needed for blogging is often times free or inexpensive.
  • The ability to link easily to numerous points of reference, social sites, and other sites of your own is another plus that again leads to stronger search engine rankings and additional traffic.

And of course as is the case there are sometimes drawbacks: Let's review a couple of them here.

Blogging Cons

  • Blogs are still not completely accepted and/or regarded as 'legitimate' by some of the internet mainstream due to their earlier reputations as maverick platforms for random ranting's and imposing opinions.
  • Maintaining fresh and current content on a blog can be time consuming.

As you can see the benefits of a blog outnumber the drawbacks. Used correctly blogs have proven to be an effective tool for promoting online; perhaps you should consider incorporating this tool into your current marketing plan?

T.J Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For more information on succeeding in blog marketing and to receive a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit:

Friday, November 7, 2008

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» Hurry Up Blogging To the Bank price is about to rise

On the 3rd of November Rob Benwell launched his new very hyped Million Dollar blue print product: Blogging to the Bank 3.0 the price for this product started at $37 which is quite cheap compared to like products Rob said the product made huge sales and the orders are continueous:

Rob says
"Well over 4,000 copies have sold making
this the fastest selling Blogging to the
Bank yet...

... And the feedback so far also suggests
its the best.

I'm givng you my exact blueprint that has
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However Rob says only hours are left to buy at $37, the product price will soon rise to $47

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A major update to SERP in Google this Month

From a couple of days ago Google started what is known among webmasters as Google Dance which is a major update in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) results. In every such update there is many losers and many winners among the SEO people. For bloggers the effect is less noticeable as most of bloggers get their traffic from RSS advertising and feed search engines, thank God they don't have dances, at least till this day.

Some people say that the websites that lost their ranking always get back to where they where after the end of the dance. others say they will be penalized and put in the bottom of the results pages.

What is obvious in the last Google dance that many websites lost their ranking for now and are either 10 pages back or nowhere in the results page, all that can be done for this now for webmasters who lost their ranking is wait and watch. The update has started but its not finished yet and it will take time to see the results.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creating Content Outside your Blog

Many people don't post articles to sites other than their own(s), the reason according to them is that they want to own the content for themselves and make profit from ads and affiliate links ...,

They are correct about that however sometimes beside Posts on their own blog, content that they will put outside their blog can benefit their blogs more than in the blog.

Reasons to write an article, and submit it to article directories

First when I read about article marketing I thought it was a waste of time and effort to write an article and submit it to another site, increasing its content and traffic instead of keeping the content for my site or blog.

Later I found out that I was wrong about it and articles on other sites helps fa more than articles I put on my own site.

The reason to that was that article sites or content sharing sites like Hubpages or Squidoo are already well established, has high PR, content are indexed fast, and most importantly well categorized in SEO which means these websites use tags that identify different niches, when I will for example write an article about SEO it will be automatically put in the SEO category which means that it will be linked with some very relevant pages on the same site, the thing that will be hard on my own new site because I don't have alot of content.

So having a link from a page about SEO on these websites will be of big SEO value to my site in addition to traffic derived from backlink clickers. However to acheive that your content must be good and attract visitors and make them stick and come back, the thing that will make the content sharing site decide that your article is good and will make it more findable to visitors of the site and more internal linking to it will be generated.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How to Fix Your Blogging Problems and Maintain a Healthy Blog

Is your blog healthy? and attracts visitors or your blog is lonely and has no one to visit him :( and say hello in a comment.
Blogs are like people they need to grow and live in healthy way and here comes your part of the game the blogger. you need to make sure your blog has nothing to complain from. And below I have pointed out some of the problems your blog might have, and it will be your responsibility to fix it ;)

1- Your Blog has broke up with his Girl Friend(s): This is bad, really, and the problem is that most bloggers do fall in this mistake and depend solely on RSS and feed that brings them visitors, and forget about link building and getting quality and relevant links from other blogs and communities.

2- Your Blog is Unknown (to Google): you have not linked to your blog from any other site or blog, also you are only depending on RSS and forgot the Link building.

3- Your Blog is Broke: and makes you no money, well many things can cause this like:

  • Lack of Quality Content which will make your visitors unhappy.
  • Not enough traffic -> No Money .
  • Bad Adsense Placement, the placement can make you rich or poor believe me.
  • Bad Affiliate Products that no body wants to buy.
  • Bad Copy that cannot convert, you should learn the copy secrets.
  • Bad Luck, there is really little to be made about that, sometimes you are just in the wrong place in the wrong time.
4- Your blog has no strong friendships: this is due to lack of stickiness and again you have to give the visitor a reason to come back.

6- Your blog is a liar: you use too much promoting and there is a pitch in your copy that makes your visitor click BACK

7- You Hate Your Blog and your blog is an unwanted child: This is bad, you have chose the wrong niche and you have to correct that

I think these are the main problems although there is more in reality, and I guess not all of them has an easy and fast solution but you always do your part and it will pay off Some day ;)

Cheer up your blog is Happy

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blogging can set you free

The reason to create a blog can vary from person to other however many people have blogs for two main reasons

1- Writing about the things they like, and finding like minded people and communities

2- Make money from Adsense and affiliate links

No matter what are your reasons for going into the blogging business you have to remember the most valuable secret that makes a good blog, which is stickiness, Yes, your blog has to stick to its visitors and draw their attention so that they will come again and again, and for that I have several tips that will help your blog get sticky.

1- Good Blog Design: The design of your blog gives the visitor his first impression which will lead to one of two
  • Click Back and exit your site
  • Get impressed and read some title headlines, and if he find what he likes he might continue to the text content
2- Quality Content and No duplicates: Don't try to fool the people in blogging duplicate content or publish what is called Private Label Rights Articles that has over 1000 duplicates all over the web, Google and the blog feed processors are gradually filtering all the spam and duplicates.

3- Update Frequently: This is optional but will make your blog faster to appear in Google search results. in addition to visitors coming back to see that a new post is been published is a sign that the blog is active.

4- RSS and email list building
: This is important in getting the visitor back by sending him each new story or hot product you are reviewing.