Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How to Fix Your Blogging Problems and Maintain a Healthy Blog

Is your blog healthy? and attracts visitors or your blog is lonely and has no one to visit him :( and say hello in a comment.
Blogs are like people they need to grow and live in healthy way and here comes your part of the game the blogger. you need to make sure your blog has nothing to complain from. And below I have pointed out some of the problems your blog might have, and it will be your responsibility to fix it ;)

1- Your Blog has broke up with his Girl Friend(s): This is bad, really, and the problem is that most bloggers do fall in this mistake and depend solely on RSS and feed that brings them visitors, and forget about link building and getting quality and relevant links from other blogs and communities.

2- Your Blog is Unknown (to Google): you have not linked to your blog from any other site or blog, also you are only depending on RSS and forgot the Link building.

3- Your Blog is Broke: and makes you no money, well many things can cause this like:

  • Lack of Quality Content which will make your visitors unhappy.
  • Not enough traffic -> No Money .
  • Bad Adsense Placement, the placement can make you rich or poor believe me.
  • Bad Affiliate Products that no body wants to buy.
  • Bad Copy that cannot convert, you should learn the copy secrets.
  • Bad Luck, there is really little to be made about that, sometimes you are just in the wrong place in the wrong time.
4- Your blog has no strong friendships: this is due to lack of stickiness and again you have to give the visitor a reason to come back.

6- Your blog is a liar: you use too much promoting and there is a pitch in your copy that makes your visitor click BACK

7- You Hate Your Blog and your blog is an unwanted child: This is bad, you have chose the wrong niche and you have to correct that

I think these are the main problems although there is more in reality, and I guess not all of them has an easy and fast solution but you always do your part and it will pay off Some day ;)

Cheer up your blog is Happy

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