Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creating Content Outside your Blog

Many people don't post articles to sites other than their own(s), the reason according to them is that they want to own the content for themselves and make profit from ads and affiliate links ...,

They are correct about that however sometimes beside Posts on their own blog, content that they will put outside their blog can benefit their blogs more than in the blog.

Reasons to write an article, and submit it to article directories

First when I read about article marketing I thought it was a waste of time and effort to write an article and submit it to another site, increasing its content and traffic instead of keeping the content for my site or blog.

Later I found out that I was wrong about it and articles on other sites helps fa more than articles I put on my own site.

The reason to that was that article sites or content sharing sites like Hubpages or Squidoo are already well established, has high PR, content are indexed fast, and most importantly well categorized in SEO which means these websites use tags that identify different niches, when I will for example write an article about SEO it will be automatically put in the SEO category which means that it will be linked with some very relevant pages on the same site, the thing that will be hard on my own new site because I don't have alot of content.

So having a link from a page about SEO on these websites will be of big SEO value to my site in addition to traffic derived from backlink clickers. However to acheive that your content must be good and attract visitors and make them stick and come back, the thing that will make the content sharing site decide that your article is good and will make it more findable to visitors of the site and more internal linking to it will be generated.

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