Monday, September 1, 2008

Blogging can set you free

The reason to create a blog can vary from person to other however many people have blogs for two main reasons

1- Writing about the things they like, and finding like minded people and communities

2- Make money from Adsense and affiliate links

No matter what are your reasons for going into the blogging business you have to remember the most valuable secret that makes a good blog, which is stickiness, Yes, your blog has to stick to its visitors and draw their attention so that they will come again and again, and for that I have several tips that will help your blog get sticky.

1- Good Blog Design: The design of your blog gives the visitor his first impression which will lead to one of two
  • Click Back and exit your site
  • Get impressed and read some title headlines, and if he find what he likes he might continue to the text content
2- Quality Content and No duplicates: Don't try to fool the people in blogging duplicate content or publish what is called Private Label Rights Articles that has over 1000 duplicates all over the web, Google and the blog feed processors are gradually filtering all the spam and duplicates.

3- Update Frequently: This is optional but will make your blog faster to appear in Google search results. in addition to visitors coming back to see that a new post is been published is a sign that the blog is active.

4- RSS and email list building
: This is important in getting the visitor back by sending him each new story or hot product you are reviewing.

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